Count-down to predental week!

2018/07/21 08:00:00

Penn Dental Medicine

All prerequisite courses should be completed by the spring term, prior to matriculation to dental school. The minimum course prerequisites for admission to Penn Dental Medicine include:

  • One year of biology with corresponding laboratory training (a minimum of two semesters of college biology or zoology). Advanced courses in anatomy, microbiology, and physiology are highly recommended.

  • Three semesters of chemistry with corresponding laboratory training (including inorganic chemistry and at least one semester of organic chemistry). Additional work in organic and physical chemistry is recommended.

  • One year of English, leading to competence in the use of the English language. Acceptable courses include speech, composition, literature, technical and business writing, and other writing intensive courses. Credit for writing intensive courses will be considered if written documentation is submitted to Penn Dental Medicine’s Office of Admissions for review. Submit documentation with Supplemental Application.

  • One semester of mathematics — although calculus is preferred, any college-level math course, including statistics is acceptable.

  • One year of physics, covering the basic principles of classical physics.

  • One semester of biochemistry; no lab is required.

  • Advanced Placement (AP) course work can be credited towards predental requirements as long as the credit appears on your official college transcript.

For more information on admissions to Penn Dental, click here.

You could also join national ASDA as a predental. For more information about the membership and benefits, click here.

Recommended Timeline

Freshman Year

  • Meet with health professions advisor at school
  • Begin taking dental school prerequisite courses
  • Attend your school’s predental society meetings
  • Research more about dental profession and job opportunities
  • Begin volunteering – especially at events related to dentistry
  • Look into research opportunities at your school
  • Consider attending a summer medical/dental enrichment program

Sophomore Year

  • Apply for/involve yourself in a research lab
  • Begin shadowing/volunteering in a dental office or clinic
  • Become actively involved in your predental society
  • Seek out leadership opportunities and activities (clubs, TA, tutoring)
  • Consider taking your DAT this summer to reduce stress during junior year and application season
  • Consider attending a summer medical/dental enrichment program
  • Consider going abroad on a medical/dental mission trip

Junior Year

  • Complete your biology and chemistry courses in preparation for the DAT
  • Meet with advisor to see how your school handles letters of recommendation
  • Start asking professors for letters of recommendation
  • Begin brainstorming ideas for your Personal Statement
  • Research dental schools and find ones you would be interested in applying to
  • Run for leadership position in your predental society
  • Begin studying for the DAT
  • Take your DAT
  • Submit your ADEA AADSAS application
  • Consider attending a predental summer program at a dental school

Senior Year

  • Finish courses for your major/degree
  • Schedule mock interviews with your school
  • Prepare to attend dental school interviews
  • If taking a gap year see late Junior year timeline for advice!