Penn ASDA Makes Strides

It’s difficult to believe, but ASDA Wellness Week was over a month ago. Where does the time go? Now, we’re all well on our way into the academic year and per usual, many of us are balancing life between didactic classes, endless exams, lab, clinic, and extracurricular activities. So, to all those out there who feel that the day-to-day has become an endless grind, let this article serve as a reminder to your zen, a little whisper telling you that it’s always good to take a step back and listen to your body. I know all those ASDA Lunch n’ Learns don’t help with diet plan, but put down that Allegro’s pizza, and perhaps consider some salads and quinoa. Call to your mind the goals of Wellness Week, an event which has passed but should not be forgotten.

It is no surprise that Penn students, and dental students, in general, are very much into health and wellness. While we can address the mental rigors of school through camaraderie and clubs like the Penn Dental Happiness Project, it is more difficult to pay attention to the daily physical demands this profession makes on our bodies and backs. Fortunately, our Penn ASDA Health and Wellness chairs have tons of activities planned for our members for the remainder of the year. Penn ASDA just wants you to enjoy dental school and foster relationships with your future fellow co-workers. Our Wellness crew believes in activities that encourage everyday physical activity and eating well, for example, providing little food pick-me-ups in the early morning and “stepping” together as a school. Remember when our chapter won the National ASDA Step Out For Wellness Challenge? Yeah, that happened! Congratulations to Penn ASDA! It was a little iffy there at the beginning, but we pulled forth ahead of other schools in the last two weeks and won that beast with all our stepping. Thank you to all who participated.

Another popular, new event this year was the “Free Yogurt Parfaits and Coffee!” table in the atrium. Part of living a healthy balanced life is eating breakfast, as well as inputting calories that will power you through the day, not weigh you down. If you’re tired of that oatmeal bowl, yogurt and granola are certainly the way to go, right? Groggy but happy ASDA volunteers awoke early to assemble yogurt parfaits, all which were then distributed freely to students rushing in from the cold. The parfaits were full of fiber-rich pumpkin-seed granola, fruit, and berry yogurt, and the granola was crunchy! Amidst all the morning conversations, there was certainly consensus that an important part of living a healthy balanced life is eating breakfast, as well as inputting calories that will power you through the day, not weigh you down (and of course, there was free coffee available).

img_1723 image9image12Is the happiness not obvious? We’ll certainly look forward to bringing this back next year.

Keep your head up, Penn Dental, and know that Penn ASDA Is here for you. Make sure to listen to yourself and keep your minds and bodies healthy and happy. We’ll check in again with you later this year with more health and wellness tips as the year goes on.


Kelly Chuang is a 2nd-year dental student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. She is currently the Chief Editor and manages the Contributing Editor committee.