Our very own Gold Crown winner: ASDA President Kristin D’Adamo!!

During Annual Session’s Gold Crown awards, we heard a familiar name called out as the winner- our very own Kristin D’Adamo. She wasn’t in Boston to accept the award in person, but as soon as she found out she was ecstatic. Kristin has been a great leader for our group this year, demonstrating diplomatic leadership for our growing board. Penn ASDA board thanks you, Kristin, for all your hard work. Congrats on your Gold Crown (eep!!!). ~Yesle

While considering running for the position of ASDA President, I knew it would be an overwhelming task. I had many new ideas I wanted to implement, from restructuring the Executive Board to adding more events and forming a Penn ASDA Pre-Dental chapter. My goal is to always give 110% of my time and focus to helping Penn ASDA reach its fullest potential. Over the past year, I have worked with so many amazing board members that are truly dedicated to this chapter and to making Penn ASDA prominent at school and nationally. When I was a first year, we had no representation at the national level. Now, four Penn students sit in different ASDA positions nationally. I could not be more proud of them. I know the organization as a whole is stronger thanks to their efforts.

kristin 1
At NLC in Chicago: from L Kristianne, Rebekkah, Janelle, and Kristin

As ASDA President, I had to learn how to delegate tasks appropriately, manage a budget, and take all members interests, suggestions, and views into account. If there was something lacking- such as information on advocacy- I worked to bring this issue to the forefront. This year we began the Pretzels and Politics lecture series. We are also working on an end of the year event, where ASDA members can let their hair down in Center City as the school year winds down.

kristin 2
Repping ASDA in Chicago (from L) Kristin, MJ, Rebekkah, Janelle

When I won the Gold Crown award for Outstanding Leadership for District 3, I was completely caught off guard! I did not know the award existed, or that I was even being considered. Everything that was accomplished this year was because of our smart, passionate, organized board members that supported my decisions and made ideas come to fruition. My hope for future leaders is to help Penn ASDA continue to grow and to truly make being an ASDA member a worthwhile experience for everyone involved.

~Kristin D’Adamo D’15, Penn ASDA President