Our Study Break From Studying Vasculature!

By: Juliette Mann, Class of 2021
Sometimes, in the midst of learning about vasculature, you have to take a break and actually get your heart pumping.
I, and two fellow D1s, took a gamble on a spare Saturday and decided to risk the day of studying for what promised to be a brisk, bluebird day on a mountain with fresh seven inches of snowfall. Did we trust the weatherman? Could we spare even an hour in the marathon that was the week leading up to our vasculature exam?
We did, we could, and it was worth every minute of it.
Montage Mountain is a quick two hour drive from Penn’s campus; especially if you leave ‪at 6:30am‬ like we did, dedicated as we are to the fresh powder. We reached the peak of the mountain with the sun; a chilly, yet beautiful sight. There was snow on the ground, a fire roaring outside the lodge, and beers on every table. Best of all, the mountain was packed full of people who had absolutely no interest or involvement in our upcoming exam, our GPAs, or which tooth we were currently drilling (#30, class 1, thank you for asking). It was perfect.
We spent the entire day going down every run we could find, scoffing at what the east coast calls a double black diamond, and laughing as we continued to take tumble after tumble down the mountain. Some of us more than others. There’s something about mountain air in your lungs and pink on your cheeks that clears your head and sets you straight. It’s even better with good company who will pick you up after you slide belly first down the steepest slope the mountain has to offer.
We drove home that night completely tuckered out, as we always are, but this time in a different way. Sure, we may not have learned all the vessels of the head and neck that day, but there’s always tomorrow. And bluebird days are something special.
xx Jules
About the Author: Juliette Mann is currently a D1 at Penn Dental Medicine.