Dave’s notes from Annual Session’s Ideal Residency Workshop

Annual Session has breakout sessions on advocacy, fundraising, student loans and membership. For those gearing up to apply to residencies, this post by Dave on applying to residencies will be immensely helpful! ~Yesle

My favorite part about Annual Session was the breakout session “Finding your Ideal Residency”, a talk given by Dr. Colleen Greene. Dr. Greene is a pediatric resident and past ASDA National President (2012-2013) and has lectured about many topics at ASDA conferences. In this particular talk, she broke down how and when to use the PASS system to match into residencies. She handed out an organizer to help guide research into programs and rank potential residencies based on criteria:

Salary, stipend, or raises?
Patient volume? Continuity of care – do you see your own patients?
Exams, quizzes, grades?
Lab work: none, minimal, heavy?
Number of residents?

The various qualities of residencies and GPRs can either be very attractive to you (++), attractive (+), bad (-), or a dealbreaker (–) – Dr. Greene joked that this is like the Frankl behavior scale! The next part of her talk was budgeting time & cost involved in researching programs and interviewing. Applying requires:

– PASS Application, starting at $1590
– Paying for supplemental apps, DAT score reprints, board score releases, GRE/NBDE1
– Flights, rental cars, hotels, site visits

dave 1
It’s not all work- we bring the fun!

For what it’s worth (literally), Dr. Greene’s application to ten pediatric residencies cost her $6,140, all neatly laid out in a spreadsheet she provided. The last part of the discussion involved externing. The main points included:

– Does the program allow externs? If so:
– How long to extern for? ALWAYS ask current residents or the program director. Some programs have strict requirements: You can only stay two days, you must stay a minimum of a week, et cetera. Involvement level varies while there. It is best to inquire first before traveling. Never overstay or understay.
– What to ask while there? ALWAYS get frank opinions from multiple residents in a relaxed setting away from the workplace and the bossman!

All in all, Dr. Greene’s talk and her handouts were very informative! We will provide copies of her handouts for everyone at Penn Dental to use soon! Good luck to everyone as we begin applying to residencies! ~Dave Maciborski D’16, Membership Chair