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Hello from the Contributing Editor Team!


Welcome to our section, which includes the Penn ASDA Blog, OPenn Wide newsletter, and any initiatives encouraging participation in ASDA through writing!


In August 2016, the Penn ASDA Contributing Editor chapter released a brand new website meant to act as a central hub for new members and their ideas. Featuring enhanced accessibility, ease of navigation, aesthetics, and multiple new initiatives, this new website included a new announcements section, Penn ASDA rewards program, interactive calendar informing members of upcoming ASDA events, photo archive, and a consistently updating the blog.

The CE team hopes to create new opportunities for prospective members to write about their ASDA experiences, get involved, and share their experiences with other students.

Are you interested in writing for us? Do you have any random questions or stories about Penn ASDA you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

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