ASDA Wellness Week Embraces Relaxation


As I rested my head outside on the massage chair, I surrendered to my thoughts and allowed myself to do something I had not planned to do that day: relax.

ASDA Wellness Week encourages students to de-stress and pursue avenues of health and wellness, such as eating well and exercising. Amidst our crazy schedules, such a request often seems like a tall order. Nonetheless, one of such events was a free five-minute back and neck massage outside during the school one fall afternoon. I was walking to lunch when another ASDA member prompted me to “take a break” and get a quick “free massage.” Naturally, I said yes despite my mind being overrun with my usual negative and consuming Monday-Friday thoughts. So there I sat, face down in a surprisingly comfortable chair as a masseuse asked me if I had any “trouble spots.” Like many of my peers, I said my neck and he began to do his magic. It was incredible. Despite the fleetingness of his time with me, I could literally feel my worries and troubles leaving my body. For the first time that day, my mind could go blank. No longer was I wondering about the patient who may not show up or the points I already felt behind on. I was overcome with how much better I felt in a short five minutes and it honestly did make me realize that sometimes that is all it takes.

Five minutes. A deep breath, a short break, an indulgent cup of coffee can make a difference. Take a chance, just relax.

Written by Jeanne Kiernan, ASDA Contributing Editor, Class of 2018