Annual District 3 Meeting at Temple

On January 24th, Temple University hosted ASDA’s annual District 5 meeting at their north Philadelphia campus. District 3 includes Howard University from Washington D.C., Pittsburg in you-know-where, Maryland in Baltimore, and Temple and our very own Penn in Philadelphia.

2015-01-24 14.37.35

After an extensive morning buffet, we settled into the conference room and got started. Ricardo Fontoura, our District 3 trustee, began by speaking about the power of relationships. Networking is really another term for “building relationships”, and Ricardo reminded us that relationships to keep us safe: even when we struggle, we are not in this dental journey alone.

And luckily, coffee arrived not soon after! Throughout the entire day, we heard from ASDA leaders and company representatives. We even got a tour of the beautiful, newly renovated campus from Temple students.

2015-01-24 12.32.33

Temple has a dental museum, showcasing the development of dental chairs and equipments over the centuries. One display showed a long, drooping necklace made of teeth extracted by Painless Parker, a marketing genius from the late nineteenth century.

In the afternoon, we split up into breakout sessions. Our own Rebekkah Merrell, (who was elected District 3 Trustee just this week at Annual Session- congratulations!!!) lead one of these breakout sessions!


These meetings are a wonderful chance to be rejuvenated and inspired again. Plus, I learned cool facts about the other dental schools out there. I mean, who knew that Pittsburg dental school was situated on top of a hill? Or that Temple has a meditation room? District meetings are one of the many reasons to join ASDA- you learn to see dentistry beyond your own dental school experience.

~Yesle Kim, D’16, webmaster