22 Thoughts You Have While Taking The NBDE Part 1

by Jasmine Faldu ’19

1. *Enters prometric waiting area* “Well I wonder if anyone else is taking this exam.”

2. At this point there is no returning, but what if this whole building catches on fire, then I won’t have to take the test right?

3. While checking in, “so yeah I am going to be here all day and will need locker access for sustenance”

4. When the proctor asks you to lift your pant legs up so he can see your ankles and you’re wearing leggings. YOU CAN SEE MY ANKLES.

5. What if I skip the tutorial and the sample question is on my exam?

6. Do these noise cancelling headphones get disinfected between test takers?

7. Who the hell is typing so much!

8. Did Dr. Speirs ever actually teach this?! I don’t think there is a nerve that goes there.

9. When the staff have changed between your breaks. Is the sun still out?

10. Only God knows the answer to this because I don’t even understand the question.

11. Alright question 50 – making moves, only 350 more to go…

12. What if another test taker ends my break early while I’m in the bathroom?

13. Wow I marked over half the exam, is that common?

14. I wonder if the students at Columbia Dental think this exam is easy?

15. If I stare at the ceiling, are they going to think I’m cheating?

16. Since when did the cusp morphology of premolars become so important?

17. Why does it matter which antibodies can and cannot be used against oral bacteria, I’m trying to become a dentist, not a lab researcher?

18. I have to pee, but if I hold it I won’t have to scan my fingerprint 16 times. *skips break*

19. I definitely got the hard version of this exam, it better be scaled.

20. I wonder if my friends in medical school could pass this exam?

21. I failed.

22. 400 questions later, I can feel my brain and it hurts. Time for a margarita!

About the Author: Jasmine Faldu is a 3rd-year dental student at Penn ASDA. She also serves as a Contributing Editor on the chapter’s writing committee.